Quartz Countertops

Best Quartz Countertops in Bedford Park and Chicago

Wondering about the best material for kitchen countertops? Quartz is one of the best materials around. High end quartz countertops are a low-maintenance, perfect fit at home.

Quartz may be known as natural stone but it’s not entirely accurate to call this material “natural.” It can cause some confusion in certain people, so we want to clear that up now!

Quartz for countertops is considered to be an engineered quartz stone rather than a natural one. However, in order to make the material more durable and stronger it contains small amounts of real quartz mixed with resin. Since this product has been artificially made you should care for your kitchen as though it were artificial man-made stone instead of caring for natural stones such as marble or granite which are much softer materials that break easily when dropped on hard surfaces like tile floors.

RG Counter tops a leading fabricator of kitchen and bathroom counter tops specializing in fabrication and installation of granite, marble, limestone, and quartz material. Our goal is to provide the highest quality counter tops at the best price, focusing on client’s needs. With over 10 years at the same location here in Bedford Park, we have the experience and tools necessary to deliver your dreams! RG Stone Countertops brings you Best Custom Stone Countertops in the Chicago Land Area. Contact Us For A Quote Today!

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