Bar Countertops

Best Granite Bar Countertops in Bedford Park and Chicago

A bar can add a fun and dynamic element to any environment for entertaining guests, while also adding visual appeal. Whether you’re serving up cocktails or just utilizing it for other purposes, creating the right vibe & energy in your bar is what’s going to make this area desired by friends and clientele. The right material for your bar top can be the difference between achieving what you want and wasting time or money on something that doesn’t work at all.

Our immense variety of natural and engineered stones are capable of fitting any décor – from modern to classic. Let’s take a look at some great options for bar top counters, explore which one is going to be best for your home design needs!

The variety and differing colors of granite make it versatile for any area, even if you have a bar top in mind. Regardless what type or design style that may be – whether its relaxing at home with friends after work; the neighborhood watering hole where everyone stops by on their way somewhere else- there is an option available to suit all applications. You can’t find a more unique granite than the ones found at our quarry. Your slab won’t be like any other in existence, so you’ll have something truly special to boast about when people see it!

The durability of granite also makes it an attractive choice, particularly for high-traffic bars such as restaurants and hotels. With just minimal maintenance required for Granite (such as daily cleaning), this stone can last you a lifetime!

Quartz Bar Countertops

Quartz is highly resistant to stains and wears well because it’s non-porous which makes it stand up against even the busiest of surroundings without needing a sealant like paint does in some cases.

Quartz is the perfect choice for busy professionals and homeowners who enjoy entertaining guests. With its low maintenance, it will maintain your restaurant or home’s appearance without ever needing a thorough clean!

A quartz countertop like this one can last up to 15 years with daily use – Quartz has you covered no matter what activity takes place in or outside of an establishment where these surfaces are installed.

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