Granite Remnants

Best Granite Remnants in Bedford Park and Chicago

A remnant is a piece of stone that’s leftover from the larger granite countertops project. Slabs come in bundles of 6 or 7, and big blocks are taken from quarries to be milled into 42 – 45 inch thick slabs with diamond gang saws every day by skilled craftsmen who care about your flooring needs as much as they do their own!

Slab countertops are generally all shaped and sized the same so that they can be used together for bigger projects. Once an entire bundle has been utilized, we’re left with leftover slabs or random-sized pieces which cannot be put into use on larger jobs like combining them in different ways might help you achieve a customized surface design desired by homeowners!

Have you ever seen those old furniture pieces that nobody wants? They go to the landfill, but not if RG Stone Countertops has any say in it. The leftover remnants from high-end countertop orders are put up for sale at greatly discounted prices so people with limited budgets can still get their hands on some great deals! Some color options include black granite and white quartzite – both of which come in variety of different styles too like natural stone or distressed features; there really is something for everyone here.

The price will be very high if you buy a full slab. But these expensive countertops become affordable when available as remnants, which can make them perfect for small projects like bathrooms and laundry rooms without the cost of an entire remodel!

Granite Remnants for Your Home

RG Stone Countertops fabricates and installs kitchen countertops for many Chicago-area homes, including some of the most impressive custom designs in all of Illinois. We’re proud that our large stock allows us to offer different colors to match your personal style – or even create a unique look no one else has seen before!

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